• Season 3 Ep 7: Creme de Menthe – Minty Fresh?

    The honeymoon is over! Dr.Randall calls, Jamie and Claire still have a lot of ‘splainin to do, Young Ian the Deflowered, and I have some questions about some mystery scenes…

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  • Season 3 Ep 6: “A.Malcolm” but it’s really “The Print Shop”

    Breathe deep! J&C are bringing sexy back. A Thrust by Thrust Analysis: The show checks off the Sam Heughan Ass Shots (also did he get bigger?) but keeps the moments tender and sweet. Claire really lucked out with snagging Jamie who’s smokin in that tricorn! Also, when Diana Gabaldon makes no sense, Caitriona is brave,

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  • Urban in Scotland: Mallaig & Oban – Fairies Welcome

      Driving from Edinbane, the northern part of Skye, I wind down the roads to catch the ferry back to the mainland. The sun is out and its rays dance on the lochs, glittering along the shore amidst the deep blue water. My eye catches a wee sign posted on the side of the road

  • Season 3 Ep 5: Freedom & Whisky

    It was Jamie’s ep last week but this time it’s Claire’s. At the end we get both! Also, Brianna gets over her mother’s departure real quick – Might have to do with a visit from Roger? But there are a few things that make me 😕 Two more weeks until THE (RANDY) REUNION.  

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  • Season 3 Episode 4: “Of Lost Things”

    Another one closer to The Print Shop. Yes Isobel, Lord John is REAL interesting. Brianna goes in like BAM with Roger! Put some color into Willie’s hair! And for one moment we were all John Grey. Theories for next ep?

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