Urban Outlander

Are you new to the Outlander show on Starz or the book series by Diana Gabaldon? Or have you been following the books for years? No matter! This blog is sharing in the exuberance and excitement of discovering an extraordinary story and falling in love with its characters as it all unfolds on the screen and the page. Season 3 and 4 here we come!

My love for the show began in April of 2015. Then it became an obsession which eventually the confines of a city apartment or an occasional chat with a friend could not contain! Now it’s a blog that is happy to join the fan-positive community of Outlander web sites!

I’m a filmmaker in the big bad city known as New York City and I appreciate well produced film and television. Needless to say, Starz’s Outlander is no exception. I wager for any aspiring filmmaker (storyteller) to watch the show if you haven’t already (oh and why haven’t you?) and see how best to make episodic television engaging, exciting, terrifying, and just damn good. I aim to tell bold story telling like this in my professional career just like the show’s Producers!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out some fun queries about the books and show, some interviews with fellow Outlander enthusiasts, a little fangirling, and general excitement for all things Outlander!

I love connecting so take some time and indulge with me!


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