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I was surprised and delighted to experience this small country. If you asked me only a few years ago if I’d ever visit, I’d scoff and say “No! What’s there?” Sometimes what you don’t know can keep you from experiencing so much!

Say what you will but Outlander on Starz inspired me to visit (it’s inspiring many others too!) and so I embarked on a two-week trip. I planned it so half was seeing Outlander locations and the other half was driving around to see what else the country offered. What little I knew came from the book and TV series and inevitably I discovered so much more. Along my journey, I experienced the generosity of the Scottish people and their love for talk! I saw hordes of sheep along the valleys and sometimes in the middle of the road. I learned to drive on the left side of the road, on the right side of the car! The openness and friendly attitude was a refreshing break from the abrasive, guarded vibe of New York City.    

For anyone unsure about visiting Scotland (outside of the Outlander fan base), I’d suggest it if you love history, adventure, or nature and its innumerable opportunities for outdoor activities. The latter is never my natural inclination for a vacation but for those like me who appreciate nature and find it inspiring, the land will speak to you. Scotland is a small country but as someone I met put it: It’s compacted and there’s a lot to see. So much so that it demands a second trip from me!    

Scotland squeezed my heart and it’s dramatic landscapes and moments of sheer magnitude and beauty made me pause. For a city-dweller like myself, nature isn’t always my first instinct for respite. All the concrete buildings make me forget that there are more natural places that provide quiet away from the beehive of my urban life.   

What surprised me the most was learning its history and therefore gaining a clearer picture of its effects on the social and political environment today. Honestly, prior to my trip, I didn’t understand the long conflict between the Scottish and English. Well I’ve been schooled and understand a lot more now.

I have an incredible amount of content so I’ll post anecdotes of my trip with pics and videos (why not sign up for a newsletter so you don’t miss any?). I’d like to make these posts a resource for those Outlander fans planning their trip and also a fun exploration of a country that others are only just discovering!

Let’s start with….

Day 1: Glasgow & the West End

Day 2: Inverness & Newtonmore 

Day 3-5: Inverness Tours – A 3 Day Outlander Tour 

Day 6: Outer Edinburgh – Fort William, Inverness, Cranesmuir & more

Day 7 – Lallybroch, Versailles, Witch Trial 

Day 8 – 9: Isle of Skye

Day 10 – 11: Oban 

Day 12: Glasgow & a surprise OL guest!

Day 13: Argyll with Outlander’s Gaelic Consultant

Here’s a few Scottish ghost stories


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  1. Sara

    I just got back myself from a two week trip all over Scotland and look forward to reading about where your travels took you. I am already thinking of how I could go back this year or early next year. I am intrigued and looking forward to day 12 . Loved Mallaig & Oban-wished my time in some areas would have been longer.

  2. Karen Basque

    My husband and I spent 9 days in April. While he was not an Outlander fan going there…he certainly was intrigued by the history and so we are now on episode 9 of season two… He’s been reformed!
    We, like you, mixed it up between OL touring and adventure. While in Fort William we hired a wonderful guide from Lochaber Guides to hike Ben Nevis! Just driving around the countreside was amazing. I left my heart in the Highlands…

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