Season 6 Ep 3 “Temperance” Recap

By theurb03

It’s feeling like S1 and that’s a good thing (even though we’re not in Scotland). I didn’t read the book (because the last one was so terrible) so I don’t know everything that’s coming. Roger is giving me Father Bain PTSD. And Tom Christie? So many things. “Tom Jones” book has “bawdy exuberance” and Christie needs it. All Outlander men who denounces Claire as a witch secretly lusted after her too. Malva – meow! – coming after Ian HARD. Now can we have a more pleasant plot for Fergus and Marsali? A Storm is Coming. It’s Almost Here. And I’m gonna scream.


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  1. Reply

    Oh, friend…if you haven’t read the book, you don’t even know what is coming with Malva. Sheesh! Buckle up. “The worst person this season”? Oh yeah.

  2. theurb03

    Buckling up! And I’m going to wear a helmet to be extra safe 😉

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