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There are a few things in life that get me truly excited.  When I can combine some of the things I love most then it’s like Christmas-chocolate-brownies-sunny-vacation-on-top-of-a-chocolate-sundae-with-marshmallows-drizzled-with-more-chocolate-extravaganza!


For example, April 9th, 2016 in New York City will go down as one of the best days of my life. How can you see into the future Jordyn you ask? Well I know this because first and foremost it’s the premiere of Season 2. How exciting is THAT? But for those fans in the Tri-State area – actually lets cast that net wider and say the East Coast – Sam Heughan will be the Grand Marshall of the New York Tartan Parade…Yes Christmas has come early this year and it will be one of the best days of my life!


But that day is not what this post is about. That will come later (oh and if you’re going to the parade this year –  by all means please give a shout out to me via Twitter or Facebook!).


I want to combine my two favorite things: Madonna and Outlander. What could they possibly have in common? Lots!


Remember when Madonna and Guy Ritchie were married? Well! He was half Scottish (still is I’m sure) and they happened to get married at Skibo Castle in Scotland way back in 2000.



Post wedding, in typical Madonna fashion she incorporated into her style what inspired her the most at the time – the kilt.



She used it as a punk statement on her Re-Invention tour in 2004 but didn’t use it solely in fashion.


If you’re familiar with any of her tours, you’ll notice that she’s never satisfied to perform her old songs in its more familiar tune but prefers to re-imagine them in a different musical style.


So for that tour, the bagpipes were another Scottish influence that she borrowed for “Into the Groove”. It begins with a traditional Scottish song called “Susan MacLeod” and with the flick of a Madonna wand it pops into the upbeat syncopation of this classic ’80s song (kicks into high gear around the 2:25 mark)!



Let’s add another Madonna song to the “Outlander Mix Tape”…


You know when you hear a song and imagine it to your favorite TV show or book that might be called Outlander? Last year Madonna came out with her record Rebel Heart and there’s a song on there that makes me think of the show…


“A million miles later, we walk through the valley of the darkest night.

We made it through the fire. We’re scarred and we’re bruised but our hearts will guide us.

Together I know our love is gonna last forever. We’re gonna be alright tonight…Survive the eye of a hurricane. Together. We’re gonna make this better. We’re gonna be alright tonight.

Hold tight. As long as you’re by my side. Hold tight. Everything’s gonna be alright.

Only love, only love tonight. Like stars we’re burning so bright.

I don’t wanna breathe air that you’re not breathing. I don’t wanna hear if you’re heart’s not beating. If you hurt then I wanna be the one that’s bleeding.

Hold tight. Everything’s gonna be alright.


“Hold Tight” is one of my favorite songs on that record. It has a nice groove that isn’t too upbeat or poppy (some might call that “mid-tempo”). The chorus “gallops” and the “atmospheric” keyboards are anthemic. The lyrics talk about surviving through all the hardships of love and no matter what coming through the other side with the other person still standing by your side. To me the song conveys an epic feeling of a great journey that “bruises” and “scars” you. “The eye of a hurricane” that whips and beats you down yet no matter what “everything’s gonna be alright”.


We're on a boat

We’re on a boat


Hearing it, I always envision Claire and Jamie in the last episode of Season 1 on that ship. After each of their own harrowing and arduous journeys (particularly of the last two episodes) they remain together sailing into the unknown future. The arc of the season brings them to this point of redemption and survival through the worst of the storm.


Also, the lyrics in the song – “I don’t wanna breathe air if you’re not breathing, I don’t wanna hear if you’re heart’s not beating. If you hurt than I wanna be the one that’s bleeding…” – reminds me of the scene  in the “The Watch” episode (and in the book). Jamie says to Claire “I can bear pain myself but I couldna bear yours. That would take more strength than I have”. Both characters bear each other’s pain and in that shared experience, neither one wants to allow the other alone.


The song might be unconventional for the show given its pop style but the emotions of the lyrics and feelings the music conveys, makes me think of the show’s biggest themes of love, trust, and redemption every time I listen.




What do you think? Will Bear McCreary let it be the Season 2 theme song? Ha!


Fine. I’ll settle for a Madonna cameo in Season 2. She’s already been there and done that 18th Century Parisian look.





Oh and the “Swan Dress” from Season 2 Episode 2?




Been there. Done that.

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