There are so many sites out there and if you’re not obsessed yet (just curious? that’s the first step), here are some places to explore and get that kilt flying!


Great podcasts:

Scot and the Sassenach

First podcast I listened to near the end of Season 1 and I can’t say enough great things about their work! If you are a storyteller, you’ll appreciate their commitment to exploring narrative in these really engaging podcasts about the show and book series. Listen now! They’re doing a seminar on “Dragonfly in Amber” (and I’m having a really hard time not partaking).

Outlander Cast

So many podcasts that include interviews with the Producers and Writers! Also, their show podcasts are spoiler free. Phew! I’ll need that for Season 2.

Diana Gabaldon

If you’re really a newbie to Outlander whether in book or TV form, start with the lady who began it all.


Some fans whose passion is expressed in unique ways:

Outlander Kitchen

I gotta scratch my cooking itch and I appreciate a fan who takes their passion to a different level! She infuses Outlander themes into food. Yes please.

Outlander Plant Guide

Exploring the plants and herbs mentioned in the books.


General fandemonium:

Outlander Online

Follow every move of the show and cast.

My Outlander Purgatory

They have such enthusiasm and a big following for their posts and videos!