Season 2 trailer has arrived! Vive les Frasers!

By theurb03

Whoa nelly I don’t even know where to begin! I was excited already but the trailer that came out today, sent me into overdrive!

I haven’t read the second book yet but damn it’s getting harder and harder….

April 9th is our premiere date! Grab your French dresses and wigs! Oui, Vive les Frasers!




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  1. Reply

    Just saw the Season 2 trailer. Eeeeks! So excited. Loved the outfits. The suspense is captivating. Looks like an amazing season to come!!

  2. Reply

    Just watched the Season 2 trailer. Eeeeks! So exciting. The suspense is captivating. Looks like an incredible Season 2 on the horizon.

    1. Jordyn

      Eeeeks! It IS captivating though I think you know how it may turn out 🙂

      1. Reply

        I do know how it turns out but it is still very intense! Seeing it on screen really brings it to life and has me wondering how they are going to project certain emotions and circumstances. It’s a more visceral experience.

        1. Jordyn

          I hear you! It feels like it’s gonna be super intense particularly the conflict between Jamie & Claire since it’ll be different this time than Season 1. Now they’re in this partnership that will create a different tension and the stakes will be higher. I just can’t understand (yet) why she goes back…It’s killin me!

          1. If you ever want to know just say the word, lol 🙂

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