Wrap It Up! The Urban Outlander’s 2016 Posts

By theurb03

2016? Done.

This was the first year of my website and it’s been fun! Earlier this year I was bored (and unemployed) so I thought I might indulge my obsession and begin a blog. Yes there are so many Outlander blogs out there but there’s only one of me!

Thanks to any and all who have taken some time to watch or read any of my musings. If you’re new, welcome and hello!

Diana Gabaldon’s books and the Starz TV show offers so much fodder for discussion and connection with other fans! What would my life be like without reading the books, watching the show, connecting with others, and going to Scotland in 2017?

The possibilities are endless!

Below are some of my posts from this year if you missed them. Just click on the title! You can check out my vlogs of Season 2 episode recaps here as you rewatch during Droughtlander.

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Thanks again and see you in 2017!


The Inaugural Post

Cold in NYC but hot in deleted wedding scene

I was trapped during a blizzard so I added some sizzle with deleted scenes from Season 1.


Some History

Were there any people of color in Scotland?

A historical look into what the racial landscape looked like when Claire arrived in 1740s Scotland and France.


Film & TV Industry

When you want to be a big bad Producer on a show like Outlander

Maril Davis is living my dream.


Jumping Over the Moon: The Making of Outlander Book

A little review about the book about how the show gets made. The author liked and retweeted it! #acceptance


There is No Conspiracy. Just Real People Making A Show.

Some people in the fandom don’t appreciate all the hard work that goes into making a show.


Just plain fun

Madonna + Outlander = Madonnalander?

My other love is Madonna and yes there are connections to Outlander.


Like a DIA Virgin – Trying to stay touched for the verra first time!

Try gearing up for Season 2 and NOT reading “Dragonfly in Amber”.


Outlander Land in NYC

In the few weeks gearing up for Season 2, NYC had an Outlander train and Saks had window displays! My adventure (and pics) of this Outlanderland.


The Red Carpet! The Panel! The Tartan! The Premiere!

My adventures (and pics) getting to the NYC panel, Tartan parade, and how I watched S2 premiere!


How Jen Had a Conversation with Tobias Menzies

I found a long lost blogger who met him before we knew him as Frank or BJR and her posts are epic.


Thoughtful Reflections

When Sparks Light the Fire – Fandom Through My Years

A love post to Ms.DG and the fire she sparks!


Dragonfly in Amber: Reflections on the book & the TV adaptation

DIA Virgin no longer!


An Outlandish Hat Chat with Ellen Christine Couture

What’s it like to design couture hats AND be a big Outlander fan?

Not gonna lie – this was retweeted by Costume Designer Terry Dresbach AND Diana Gabaldon (Herself)!


Tartans, Kilts, and the Outlander Effect: An interview with Scottish kiltmaker MacGregor and MacDuff

MacGregor & MacDuff make kilts in Glasgow! A look into the history and craft.


Some Fun Tweets from Tara Bennett (author of “The Making of Outlander” book), Diana, and Matt Roberts (Writer/Producer)


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