When Tobias Heard My Twitter Handle – San Diego Comic Con 2017

By theurb03

The genius actor behind Black Jack Randall/Frank Randall in “Outlander”, the bumbling Edmure Tully on “Game of Thrones”, the tortured Brutus in “Rome”, the-gynecologist-with-a-penchant-for-gay-clubs Dr.Harries in “Catastrophe”, the smooth Nathaniel (“The Bodyguard”) Bloom in “The Honourable Woman”, and finally The Sexy, Smart, and Talented Boyfriend Lead in my quirky/rom-com/dramedy feature film co-starring me as The Neurotic But Incredibly Cute and Lovable Love Interest in the sleeper hit of the year – Whoa! So sorry. I seemed to have gone off on a tangent there.

Back to reality.

For a brief moment, the Tobias Menzies heard my Twitter handle! Tara Bennett interviewed the Cast for Syfy Wire and took questions from fans. Guess who answered which fan’s question?! His answer was so charming. My kinda guy.

I’m pretty confident he went to bed that night thinking, “Who asked this uhmaazing question? I must find out who this Uhrban Outlandah is!” Then abruptly fell asleep to his own deep, resonant, and sexy breathing.

Originally, I thought he answered another question which was way more important than any other I posed to Tara on Twitter: When does the towel drop in Season 3? 

I guess I’ll have to watch and find out. Life is hard. 

(The glory starts at 2:06.)


If having Tobias answer a question I didn’t remember asking wasn’t enough, I just had to call into EW Radio’s “Special Coverage” of the panel at Comic Con the following week. Not being in the audience and subsequently not seeing the Season 3 premiere hurt my heart and I had to proclaim it to the five people who listen to EW Radio (that number includes the other callers and two hosts).

I come in at about 14:50 for anyone who wants to hear me be ridiculous.

Entertainment Weekly


Finally, I give you some of my favorite “Outlander” pics from San Diego Comic Con 2017 (and yes I’m Tobiased).


What were your favorite Outlander moments or photos from Comic Con?

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