That’s a Wrap on 2018! The Cons, Tweets, and GMA Appearances with Sam!

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Happy new year! As a wild and crazy Outlander fan, 2018 brought some surprises. I didn’t get to return to Scotland this year since my 2017 trip mostly because I haven’t (yet) met my Jamie Fraser to cozy up with in a cabin in the Highlands. Don’t worry because I’m working on it. I’ll send a pigeon carrier to let you know I’ve traveled through the stones.

In the meantime, travel back in time with me as I relive some of my best 2018 memories as an Outlander fan!

Earlier in the year, Creation Entertainment announced their two big official Outlander fan cons, one in Las Vegas and another in New Jersey, so of course this New Yorker made plans to make the arduous journey to the really sexy and glamorous city of Secaucus New Jersey! Yes the three main leads cancelled their appearances but I made the best of it and got a great photo with another couple of the show.

Favorite memory? Meeting and reuniting with some social media friends face to face!



New York Comic Con definitely superseded New Jersey in every way! It didn’t matter that fans didn’t get to meet the cast unless you were one of the select few who literally won the golden ticket to get their autographs and meet them in person. What made this event memorable were the lines, the wild costumes, visiting Fraser’s Ridge, and seeing the premiere episode at Madison Square Garden with a cast Q&A!

Another memorable moment? My friend Ellen harassing a Fraser’s Ridge staff boy to steal a donut for her from the E! donut truck next to us. She got that boy to get her donut. #conquered

An additional bonus at the NYCC? Seeing Outlander Executive Producer Ron D. Moore talk about his work not just on this show but on his other big hit shows like Battlestar Galactica.

The biggest and best part of 2018? Going on national television and beating Sam Heughan at a game of Superfan vs. Superstar. Guess who the superfan was?!?! Click below for the skinny…

Some posts of the fun over the year…




My unsolicited submission to Creation Entertainment to host the NJ Con. Big mistake guys!

The fun doesn’t end here.

2019 here I come!

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