2019 Wrap Up: The Good, Not So Good, But Ultimately Fun Outlander Year!

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This year has given and taken for Outlander fans. Whether you enjoyed Season 4 or not, there were other projects to see some of the show’s actors, new interviews to read and hear, (more unique dress choices from Caitriona Balfe) and cast appearances at award shows among many other things. With Season 5 on the 2020 horizon let’s quickly time-travel through 2019!

First up: Season 4 Finale

It started alright but then dissolved into something that at times became a little hard to swallow in the form of – what I like to call —a Brianna and Roger pill. Whether together or apart, I just couldn’t get on board with either of them and would’ve probably drowned myself if the three of us were trapped in a boat drifting in the fraught emotional waves of the Outlander sea. I felt like the Claire and Jamie plot lines were good including Claire and Lord John Grey’s “moment” together (Ep 6 “Blood of My Blood”) and I like the Murtagh and Aunt Jocasta’s bed sheet twist at the end of this season!

Let’s also be real that the best ep from this season was the Return of Frank Randall in Heart Warming But Hard Emotional Truths aka Ep 7 “Down the Rabbit Hole”. I may be in a small group but it keeps me holding on for another cameo in Season 5 that will get all the Frank-Haters hatin’ but me lovin’. Ultimately, as a true and honest fan, I can say that for me this season was the weakest. 

The Outlander Universe Expands

Some of the highlights this year includes seeing some of our favorite actors in non-Outlander projects like Caitriona Balfe’s feature film Ford v. Ferrari and we heard her voice as the character Tavra in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Oh yeah and Tobias Menzies was on the London stage in a play called “The Hunt” but what would I know about that? Nope absolutely nothing but this reminds me…

Getting Lucky with a Few Actors

This was a year that I met (and/or saw) three Outlander actors (not at a con!): Tobias in his play, Caitriona at his play, and Laura Donnelly in her own play “The Ferryman” on Broadway. I’d like to point out that Laura Donnelly is a real gem. In January, after she saw my excited tweet about seeing her show that night, she sent me a private DM apologizing that she wouldn’t be performing because of illness and offering a comp ticket for another night. Her gesture made me seriously question my principles as a human asking myself, “Would I do that if I were in her position?” and guiltily realizing I might not. Folks, Laura Donnelly makes me want to be a better person and she was really lovely when I met her after I saw the show a second time (and with her in it). Unfortunately I was too nervous to ask for a photo after she signed my playbill so something to work on for 2020!

In other cast news: Did you catch Tobias as Prince Phillip in Season 3 of The Crown? Faaabulous! But I’m not (To)biased. No not at all.

A Few Good Men in Late Night

Some current and former cast members made appearances on late night shows this year: Sam making his third TV appearance on Jimmy Fallon in December and Tobias making a delightful first (!) appearance on Seth Meyers promoting The Crown.

Caitriona did a few podcast interviews promoting her film Ford vs Ferrari (or Le Mans 66 in other countries) which I liked hearing. Particularly the “Is It Just Me?” interview where she revealed a storage unit somewhere in New York City that still harbors things like her clothing. I’d be happy to go through it and clean up while covetously eyeing some items asking, “You don’t need this anymore, right?” 

New York Comic Con

The cast and producers made a panel appearance at New York Comic Con this year dropping the Season 5 trailer on all us eager fans! Ellen Christine, my fellow Outlander New Yorker friend, attended after obtaining last minute tickets. We missed the autograph session (grrrr!) but celebrated the day in true Scottish fashion with some delish whisky.

Highlanders 4 Con

I attended the Highlanders 4 Outlander Con in Birmingham England in August and got to ask the cast some funky questions.

Since I was so close to Scotland already I thought I’d hop over to Edinburgh for a few days and experience the Fringe Festival. I stopped by a certain print shop…


Looking Forward to 2020

Let’s get ready for Season 5 premiering February 16th! I may not like the new theme song but I am eager to see the new dynamic between Murtagh and Jamie and I hope that the Roger and Bree pill won’t be a pill at all. I can’t wonder further what will transpire this season since I haven’t read the book which brings me to…

Reading “The Fiery Cross” in the new year! Can I read in it time for the premiere??


This Guy Is On Fire

Also, this year is another busy one for Sam Heughan with Season 5 premiering in February plus the premiere of his action-comic-book-Vin-Desiel-movie Bloodshot in early March! He’s also launched his whisky brand called Sassenach Spirit which I’m curious to try although I think him and I have different pallets. That’s fine I’ll just get the scarf.

We’ll also see the launch of his podcast with Graham McTavish formerly known as Uncle Dougal. Sam must have a clone or two because he’s doing so much!

If you’re in LA, you could attend the Season 5 Premiere but only if you seemed to be one of five (?!) people who got a ticket. Better yet see the cast and crew at Paley Fest in March.

This year I have no plans (yet) to go to a con but anything can happen! Thanksgiving in Paris sounds awfully nice if Land Con has a good lineup.

Of course, the other TV show I cheat on Outlander with (ssshh don’t tell it!) is The Crown so I am eager to watch my boyfriend Tobias Menzies give another great Prince Philip in Season 4 but I have to wait until the end of the year.

If 2019 was any indication, plenty of Outlander activities will keep all the fans busy. Cheers!


What was your favorite Outlander related moment this year? An interview, picture, Season 4 moment, actor project, Cait dress?


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