UK Bound 2019

By theurb03

Since falling in love with Outlander in 2016 I’ve made new friends from abroad and close by, visited Scotland (when I thought I’d never go), met Laura Donnelly (Jenny Fraser!) after she comped me a ticket to her play The Ferryman, and had exciting experiences like meeting Sam Heughan on national TVWhere’s my love for Outlander taking me next? What adventure awaits? Why it’s London where Tobias Menzies is performing in a play called The Hunt. For the past few years I’ve been in love with him and we’ve been very happy together (in my head). I always said if he was in a play I’d get on a flight to see him so now I’m less than two weeks away! 

It will be my first time in London and I’m taking any suggestions for theatre, walking tours, sights, restaurants, and any secret gems. Because I like art I plan on going to the Tate Modern, British Museum, and maybe the Victoria & Albert Museum. I hear the London Museum is very cool. I’d love to find a walking tour to brush up on some English history and uncover unique parts of the city. I hear London is clean which is unheard of in my little neck of the woods called New York City. What is this clean city one speaks of? Does it truly exist? Right now it only lives on the delicate wings of my dreams. 

After I meet Tobias and he falls madly in love with me, I’ll stay a few more nights and then I’m returning to Edinburgh. It will be a proper visit this time since my last visit two years ago (too busy driving around to OL locations). I didn’t see much of the city so here’s my second chance! Also, the Fringe Festival will be in town and I’m already overwhelmed with choosing what to see! Got any tips? Who’s the next Fleabag?

Next on the visit list is Birmingham for the Starfury Outlander Con (with a quick stopover to visit the Brontë Parsonage Museum to get my literary geek on)! No, Tobias will not be there this year. Why? Because I didn’t go last year when he came so I came this year and I guess he heard so well….ya know. I hear this con is a lot of fun and probably better than the one I went to in New Jersey last year (have you noticed that gaping hole in your OL con events list this year where Creation Entertainment the “official” OL con was? Nah I thought you didn’t.)  It will be my first time attending and I’m looking forward to it! My airbnb looks super cute too.

Finally, I’ll have one last night in London and then I have the whole day before my redeye back to the big bad city…or wait…maybe I won’t come back because Tobias will have met me at the theatre on my first night and say “Where have you been all my life? Darling, you can’t leave me!”

In that case I’ll send you guys a postcard. 


If you visited, what was your favorite part of London and Edinburgh? Let me know in the comments below or tweet, post, and follow me!


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