Outlanderland in NYC

By theurb03

Click on the photos and bask in the posh fabrics, meticulous embroidery, and faux candelabras on the train as we ride into the last two weeks of Droughtlander…



Alas, it was like Outlander-land in New York City today! I liken it to a fan’s Disneyworld because there’s a train you can ride too. We’re just missing people wearing costumes and giant bobbleheads dressed as our favorite characters posing for pictures (though not in Times Square thank you).


One of the benefits of living here is the luxury of having opportunities to experience unusual events like watching foreign films, seeing unique art exhibits, trying international cuisines, and perusing six Saks window displays of Outlander Season 2 costumes, and then riding a subway train covered in Outlander. The last two are particularly unusual even for this fair city but I count my lucky stars! Thanks to the Starz PR gods bestowing their publicity tactics to the urban masses, this Urban Outlander is one happy lassie.


When I first arrived (about 25 minutes before I was meeting friends – I was really eager), the costumes looked great even from across the street! Seeing them up close was quite special. We all agreed that Catriona Balfe has a tiny waist but her red dress was the all around favorite. The men’s boots were strapping and I liked the unusual knee-covers. Some seemed to have an Asian influence which could reflect Paris as being the center of the world at this time. Imagine so many different cultures and trades flowing through streets of the time and influencing the fashion.


What a pleasure it was to see the costumes up close! Granted the glare off the windows wasn’t ideal for photos but at times it creates an interesting abstract take, no? My friends and I wondered how much of the costumes were true to the period (ahem – dog purse?) but I understand Ms.Dresbach is meticulous. In the Production Notes for the show, she explains that everything was handmade including the fabrics, the embroidery, hats, gloves, everything! Sorry the Producer geek in me really wants to know how much her budget is…


Now there are some people in the Outlander fandom that argue that the PR blitz (specifically the train) is a tree falling and there’s no one around to hear it. If you want to compare reactions to Amazon’s method of promoting their highly polarizing political show The Man in the High Castle with Starz’s sumptuous fantasy adventure Outlander then I think you’re comparing inaccurately. It’s obvious how different the shows are and the vociferous reaction to Amazon’s show was inevitable. When you plaster a train in loud bold colors with a smattering of Nazi insignia us New Yawkers will take notice. When you plaster a train in sumptuous colors of 17th century France and create an illusion of grandeur and luxury (as luxurious as you can get on an overpopulated subway train) then the reaction will inevitably be more muted. Of course, Starz and Amazon’s motivation is to “spur conversation” with their ads but in the case of the latter it incited an outcry that was grossly underestimated. Starz fully understands the reasons behind Amazon’s successful campaign because they’re in advertising wherein everything is calculated. At the end of the day Amazon’s campaign spurred people to watch so Starz followed suit albeit with a show that has entirely different themes. I think the point is you don’t have to have provocative themes you just need to have a show’s name and design covering a subway train from floor to ceiling. Will people tune in to see Season 2 of Outlander by taking a train ride? Of course! The PR blitz thus far will help newcomers whether they peruse the Saks displays, take a ride on the Shuttle, or watch Season 1 for free.


Case in point: As I stood by the Saks windows today I overhead someone explain to their friend how great the show is and encouraged her to watch as they gazed into the windows. Others I noticed would stop in the midst of their fast pace and peer in to look closer.


It’s clear that the displays spur conversation and curiosity even among the Virgins. Buzz buzz buzz….


One by one converts are coming and I’m feeling like Season 2 is gonna be BIG!


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    I’m going to NYC 4/9 for the parade. What is the address of where these clothes are on display? I’d love to go see them. Thank you, Paula

    1. Jordyn

      It’s on 5th Ave and 50th St but windows are on 50th Street! Have fun! It’ll be a great day.

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